Eagle Update: Board completes its self-evaluation

Each year, the school board completes a self-evaluation of its work. The purpose is for each board member to review what they do as a board relative to supporting the district goals, staff and students.

This occurred at the Dec. 6 board study session. The results of this evaluation show that the board is working together and is focused on the district priorities, appropriate resourcing for our programs and support for our students and staff. Working together for students is their priority.

Another item covered at the December study session was the Superintendent mid-year review. The board evaluates the superintendent twice a year, with the first one in December or January to see if the work completed is in alignment with the district priorities. If not, adjustments or recommendations are made for the second half of the year. If the board feels the superintendent is making positive progress towards established goals, then there are no changes. This evaluation showed the superintendent is on track with meeting district and individual goals. The second evaluation occurs in the summer at the conclusion of the school year.

The school board held its annual public levy meeting (often called truth-in-taxation) on Dec. 6. Our business manager presented the levy information, reviewed current budget information, shared the changes in the levy from last year to this year and what the proposed levy would be for taxes payable in 2019. The levy for 2019 is a decrease of just over $52,500 from the 2018 levy.

Another financial item the board must complete is the annual audit. We use CliftonLarsonAllen for our auditing firm. The purpose of the audit is to make sure the district is using proper accounting and fiscal management practices as required by law and district policy. This years audit was considered “clean,” meaning there were no findings of inappropriate expenditures or fiscal management oversight. The audit showed that the district is in good financial shape and is managing its resources appropriately. A positive audit and financial snapshot goes a long way with trust within our community on how we use the resources provided to the district.


Congratulations goes out to Mrs. Beth Sletta for being selected as the 2019 MAITC Outstanding Teacher Award winner by the MAITC Foundation! MAITC is the MN Agriculture in the Classroom program run by the MN Department of Agriculture. Beth does amazing work to engage and inspire our Jefferson Elementary students in our STEM program.