Brown County Browser: Brown County Planning and Zoning office

The Brown County Planning and Zoning Office include a multitude of areas. One of these is Zoning Permits, commonly referred to as building permits. Please come in to our office early in your building planning process if you are thinking of building or moving on a structure out in the rural areas of Brown County. This way we will be able to check out any potential areas of concern prior to your building so you are less likely of being delayed.

Brown County Emergency Management is located within the Planning and Zoning Office. Emergency Management along with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office have an Emergency Notification system that is used to rapidly deliver messages related to public safety. If you have any questions about this system or want to sign up please contact Brown County Emergency Management.

Winter manure application is here for many feedlots in our county. This is a reminder to follow appropriate setbacks for applying manure on frozen ground. The setbacks do increase this time of year. If you have any questions please contact the Brown County Planning and Zoning Office.

Burn Permits are not required in Brown County for brush piles, vegetative debris, tree trimmings, clean unpainted or treated lumber, or running fires. Residents do need to contact the County Sherriff’s Dispatch Office prior to any burning. If you are burning in the Comfrey, Sanborn, or Springfield fire district the Fire Chief must also be contacted.

The Brown County Planning and Zoning Office also manage the Recycling Collections for the County. We no longer have a collection date for appliances and electronics we now have a permanent drop off site at the Brown County Landfill located at 21933 Co Rd 11 Sleepy Eye. We also have a drop site at the landfill for tires. For both of these collections we have a contract with services to pick them up for recycling. So there are fees for those services. Please see http://www.co.brown.mn.us/landfill-information for the list of fees or if you have any questions please call us at 233-6640.