What’s on your mind?

Josh Norman, Hanska: “I want to help clean it up.”
Becky Boyle, New Ulm: “I want it to be clean. Water is one of our greatest resources.”
Alan Metzen, New Ulm: “They talk about flooding. There’s lots of parking lots creating runoff.”
Terry Johnson, New Ulm: “It’s better now than it was. It’s moving faster now and there are more fish in it. It needs protection.”
Karen Rolloff, New Ulm: “It’s getting better, but it needs more work.”
Franz Kitzberger, New Ulm: “I love the river and all rivers. The spirit of the water is important. The Minnesota River affects 37 counties.”

What are your thoughts about the Minnesota River? (Asked at the CCMR Fundraiser Saturday at The Grand Kabaret)