Town Talk: It’s time to have your furnace checked

Like it or not, the winter heating season is right around the corner. It’s time to have your furnace checked and cleaned by a qualified technician. When you have your furnace checked annually it reduces the chance of having problems when the weather turns severe.

The New Ulm Public Utilities offers a Furnace Cleaning Discount Program that will help reduce the cost of this preventative maintenance. All New Ulm Public Utility residential customers qualify for this program. The following are included with this service: Remove burners and clean if needed, Check filter and replace if needed, clean and inspect heat exchanger, check humidifier replace pad if needed, oil the motor or pump, check the thermostat, check the flu pipe for proper draft, check furnace for proper operation, flush condensate drains if needed, check the pilot safety device, and clean the inside control area and safety devices. The customer is responsible for the cost of any parts or filters that are needed. Any labor beyond the basic one hour check and clean is billed to the customer at the vendor rate. Contact any of these participating vendors and request a furnace cleaning at the $40 discounted price instead of the regular price of $80 for this service. The discount is received on your invoice from the vendor, not the Public Utilities. This program runs from September 1 and ends January 31 of each year.

The vendors are: Ahrens Heating Inc., Fodness Heating, Gag Sheet Metal Inc., Klassen Mechanical Inc., JP Plumbing & Heating, Nilson Heating & Air Conditioning, Schanus-Gag Plumbing, and Schultz Plumbing & Heating.

Make sure to call the Gas Department first at 359-8289 when you have a natural gas appliance that is not working properly. We will send a Service Technician to make sure the problem is not with the gas supply at no charge to you. After the Gas Service Technician has checked the meter and regulator for proper operation it may be necessary to contact a qualified repair technician to service your appliance. If you call an appliance repair technician before us and the problem is with our meter or regulator you will not be reimbursed for the service call. Excessive snow and ice buildup around your gas meter and regulator can cause your gas supply to be interrupted. Please remember to check this area periodically.


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