What’s on your mind?

Lisa Hauswedell of Tyler: “It has always been on my bucket list and my newphew lives so that helps.”
Katie Swanson of Mankato: “I’ve never been here before and it was a dream of my to stomp grapes. I aspired to be as good as Lucy (from “I Love Lucy”).
Benjamin Torborj and Alex Torborj of Minneapolis: “My wife has been coming here for six years and I see the pictures every year and it looked like a lot of fun.”
Shelly Heiderscheidt of Sleepy Eye: “Beer and music!”
Kris Panning of Hamburg: “Great celebration. We’ve been coming here three years. Its not too far away.”
John Bunge of Waterloo, Iowa: “Our son just moved here and we did research on New Ulm’s Oktoberfest. It sounded like fun.”

What brings you to New Ulm’s Oktoberfest?