What’s on your mind?

Aaron Gieseke, New Ulm: Cloud Cult (band), because they have a deep connection with their audience.
Al Fack, Mankato: Fox Feather (band), It is a five piece band, they are awesome. I highly recommend them.
Bert Wilson, New Ulm: Atlas Shrugged (book), it has a true depiction of how bad communism is.
Doug Sandahl, Minneapolis: Crash (movie), it gives a bunch of different reasons why people are the way they are, it gives different perspectives on people’s lives.
Janelle Gieseke, Bloomington: Cloud Cult (band), they are local, they are positive, they have national reach and they have a movie.
Kassie Ashton, Lakeland: The Shawshank Redemption (movie), it is a great movie and it has a good storyline.

What movie, book or music should everyone see, read or hear? Why?