Brown County Browser: Kinds of ID available at license bureau

Greetings from your local License Bureau where filing fees collected support the operation of this office! We encourage the citizens of Brown County to conduct business with our local offices as this keeps your tax dollars in your community.

As the legislative session continues, you have heard about the Real ID. Currently your Minnesota driver’s license allows you to fly domestically. The TSA has granted Minnesota an extension to comply with the Real ID Act until January 2018. We do not know what will happen at our State Capitol this session or if we will be granted another extension by the Federal Government. The following is information to help our citizens understand if they will need a Real ID.

Here is a list of current forms of identification available:

• Passport (For international travel)

• Passport Card: The Passport Card allows you access to and departure from Canada and Mexico via land (driving or walking) or sea (cruises/boat). The Passport Card is also sufficient as a federally recognized ID to fly domestically in lieu of an enhanced driver’s license and it also allows access onto government bases.

• Enhanced Driver’s License : Allows re-entry into the United States via land and sea from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean. Currently needed for Federal Buildings.

• Real ID: Not yet available

• Minnesota Driver’s License: Currently allows you to fly domestically

• Minnesota Identification Card: Identification for those who do not drive

Points of interest are: If you have a passport, or passport card, you do not need any other form of identification to fly after January 2018. If you decide to purchase an Enhanced Driver’s License, it can only be obtained through one of 14 offices in Minnesota. The closest in our area is the Mankato Exam station on Bassett Drive. All subsequent renewals or change of addresses will need to be done through that office only. I encourage you to stop in our office and speak with our staff if you have further questions and keep informed of bills passed in this legislative session.


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