What’s On Your Mind?

Hannah Hannah of New Ulm: “I just did it for the community charity.”
Emily Bloedel of Denver, CO: “I did it for my mom Amy, but also for the Humane Society.”
Braelynn Blank of New Ulm: “I really wanted to, and Jimmy Stenquist didn’t have anyone to jump with.”
Gary Springer of New Ulm: “Jimmy Stenquist inspired me to jump. I wanted to raise money for the Fire Department.”
Dave Weldy of New Ulm: “I was coerced by Jimmy Stenquist.”
Jimmy Stenquist of New Ulm: “I’ve been taking the plunge every year since 9/11. Every year I put out a flyer to raise money before the plunge.”

What inspired you to take the Arctic Beach Party Plunge?


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