Welcoming Communities: ONE New Ulm to continue work of Welcoming Communities

This is the second year of the Welcoming Communities Project of New Ulm, Springfield, and Sleepy Eye. Our last meeting in this format was in May. A total of 70 community members participated in the Welcoming Communities Project assessment or monthly cohorts, 35% were participants of color. Welcoming Communities will continue partnering with us as we plan and implement equity work in our home communities. Our desire is to have an equitable, thriving region where all people feel welcome. With that in mind, please find listed projects that have been discussed.

Sleepy Eye is a growing community with migrant families moving in from Mexico. Sleepy Eye will be staying in touch with new families providing a welcoming and safe community through education of self and others. Sleepy Eye plans to offer English Language Learning classes, women’s groups or Circles of Friendships.

Springfield has created a Welcoming Communities board with bylaws and mission giving this board a permanent status in Springfield. The Welcoming Communities board has created a survey asking community members to share their true perspective about Springfield. The board is examining the positive and negative aspects about their community and is examining what they can do to make Springfield more welcoming. Springfield is planning neighborhood meet and greets and will be staying engaged with new residents.

New Ulm has combined two organizations, Welcoming Communities Project of New Ulm and New Ulm Forward. Together the organizations have created a new organization, ONE New Ulm. The mission of ONE New Ulm is to foster a welcoming, equitable, inclusive and diverse New Ulm. ONE New Ulm is organizing projects in impact areas such as:

Education– providing educational programs to the public that raise awareness of diversity, equitability, and inclusiveness.

Government — advocating for the implementation of rules, laws, and programs that provide and take into consideration diversity, equitability, and inclusiveness.

Social/Cultural — one on one to group activities that help foster understanding and create a bridge between different cultures, norms, and daily life experiences.

Economic — Working with local businesses to promote ways to recruit and retain talent from outside New Ulm.

Our first gathering will be Monday, June 21 at 6:30 p.m. for a Family Table at the Grand Center for Arts and Culture, 210 North Minnesota St. Join us for social hour and treats as we celebrate diversity with our new families to New Ulm. If you are interested in joining One New Ulm, email us at ONENewUlm@gmail.com or search us on Facebook under ONE New Ulm.


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