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Win at any cost

THUMBS DOWN: Politics has always been a messy business. “Politics ain’t beanbag,” wrote 19th century novelist Finley Peter Dunne, and he was right. Still, it has been practiced with a modicum of integrity in the past, but those days seem to be fading in the rearview mirror.

It is distressing for those who remember political warriors like Hubert Humphrey and John McCain to see what’s happening in the House Republican caucus, which is set to strip Rep. Liz Cheney of her leadership for refusing to back former president Donald Trump’s insistence that he won the 2020 election. Republicans eager to win back control of the House are willing to support Trump and his claims if it means gaining the support of Trump and his base.

Winning at all cost can cost a lot. Republicans are willing to spend their integrity to do it.

Scooting around

THUMBS UP: The City of New Ulm is going to try allowing electric scooters on the city’s walking and bike path.We think it’s a good idea that shouldn’t lead to much, if any, conflict with bikers and pedestrians.

Electric scooters would be capped at 12 miles per hour. Bicycle riders get a lot faster than that. Scooters would give people who are a little less mobile a chance to get around town and on the bike paths for recreation. They would be an attraction for tourists, too.

The city’s ordinance allows it to contract with a firm that will provide the electric scooters for rent. The city has plenty of options for terminating the contract or changing the ordinance it things get out of hand.

We doubt there will be much of a problem. Get out and enjoy.


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