Town Talk: You asked about camera at Center and Payne

FAQ’s Video Cameras at the Intersection of Center Street and Payne Street

Q: What is the purpose of the cameras on the signal at Center Street & Payne Street?

A: The cameras you see at this intersection are solely for detecting the presence of vehicles and provides optimum signal timing for the intersection. Other signals utilize in-ground induction loops that are cut into the roadway pavement, such as the signals along Broadway. The camera option avoids the need for the installation of devices within the pavement surface.

Q: Why are the cameras mounted above the signal lights?

A: The mounting position allows for a better angle so the camera has a better view of the lanes of traffic.

Q: Does anyone watch me through the camera?

A: There is no surveillance and images are not archived from the camera. The images are only used for the time it takes the signal to process the traffic loading on the roadway segments during the signal phase. The cameras do not produce an image that is of high enough quality to read license plates nor to identify drivers of vehicles.


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