Eagle Update: Facilities

As with most everyone else, this has been a trying year for the facilites department. We are used to being “behind the scenes” making things just happen. But the year of COVID has brought much of what we do to the forefront, making sure everyone is as safe as possible when in our buildings and using our facilities. I would like to publicly thank my staff for their seemingly endless efforts to keep our buildings open. Everyone desires when we can get back to “normal” — keeping our buildings open for students to come and learn and socialize with each other gets us one step closer to that. THANK YOU!

We’ve been pretty fortunate this spring. With the shorter athletic season, the weather has cooperated better than years past and we’ve had a few events outside already. We look forward to more great weather so we can get our athletic events, concerts, end-of-year programs, prom, and graduation ceremony in and finish off the school year on a high note.

This time of year we are also busy preparing for our summer work, collecting bids and quotes for projects that will take place over the summer. This summer will include projects such as playground maintenance, parking lot replacement, re-roofing a section at the Middle School, painting, equipment replacement, etc. Our biggest challenge for the summer is preparing for the new Career and Technical Education Center opening up in the fall. This facility will house educational programs that specialize in skilled trades, modern technologies, and career preparation. There will be a lot of remodeling, moving, and setting up equipment that’ll take place. Work has already begun and we are excited to see this new opportunity come to life.

Come late August, whatever “normal” looks like at that time, we’ll be ready to welcome everyone back. Open houses will be announced over the summer, please watch for more information as that time gets closer, and feel free to stop in and see what great things we are doing!

Go Eagles!


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