Eagle Update: Planning process

Every three years, New Ulm Schools conducts strategic planning. The purpose is to review where we are at – taking stock in our work and our programs and measuring progress on our current goals. We started by asking for staff and parent feedback through surveys and zoom sessions. Data was collected and presented on all of programs offered. The information collected provides background for the school board and the district leadership team to start to develop the priorities for the next three years. We are in the midst of this work and will continue through the month of May. After the strategic plan is updated for the next three years, we develop work plans to support each goal developed.

We are developing plans to offer summer school programming for our students. This summer will be different as we look at offering expanded learning opportunities that students may have missed due to COVID restrictions or scheduling. Summer school could include fine arts offerings, skilled trades offerings, core academic support classes, social skills work and accelerated course offerings. Our building leadership teams will finalize the plans in the next month and get this information out to our families so they can plan accordingly.

We are finalizing plans for summer project work throughout the district. Our priority is to ensure our buildings and facilities remain safe for our staff and students. This includes the building envelope (roof, windows, exterior doors and walls), the interior spaces, parking lots and sidewalks and all of the HVAC systems that control the climate within the buildings. Keeping our buildings operating at peak efficiency and safe for all takes time and resources.

Spring sports are underway. Our students are fortunate to be able to participate in the programs they enjoy with the current health restrictions. There are several requirements from the state we are required to follow and these requirements often change or get updated. Each spring sport has unique masking rules for the participants, meaning not all are the same. The coaches are aware of what is required for their sport and will ensure our athletes follow those expectations. All spectators are required to wear face masks for all indoor and outdoor school events. We are required to register and document all spectators attending our events. Again, these are the requirements in place today so that we can offer the programs for our students. While we don’t enjoy playing the masking police, we are asking our parents and adults to follow the expectations so our students can participate in the activities they enjoy.



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