Beussman to resign

Dear fellow citizens of New Ulm,

One of my passions in life has been meeting and greeting people; both from, and visiting, our community. As your mayor, as a musician, as a teacher, at festivals, and just passing people on our beautiful streets, I have met so many cheerful faces. Maybe due to years of teaching, I also find joy in helping others. I enjoy listening to concerns, problem-solving, and finding ways to provide answers.

Eleven years ago, when it was suggested that I run for mayor of New Ulm, these were some of the opportunities that intrigued me. As mayor of New Ulm, I could be a spokesperson for the town, offer gemütlichkeit to guests, showcase our community, and help find answers or solutions to situations that arise. I was honored that you elected me mayor three times.

One of my main goals to accomplish as mayor was to see the funding for the expansion of Highway 14 be approved without a heavy financial burden to the citizens of New Ulm. I achieved that goal. Another was to bring more community opportunities for those who live here, such as the splash pad, improvements to playgrounds, the holiday lighting of the city tree, improvements to downtown and the bike trail, to name a few. I achieved that goal. And another was to represent our city with professionalism, compassion, respect and honor in any and all meetings, events, and speeches I was a part of. I do believe I achieved that goal.

Over the last year, I have had increased medical issues. Knowing that the mayor of New Ulm is a figurehead without voting powers, and researching the Americans with Disability Act, I assumed I could continue with the mayoral duties described in the charter/bylaws. However, after receiving a letter last week from the city council that in their opinion I was not doing my duties completely, it is time for me to pass the position to a younger or healthier person.

This is a bittersweet decision for me. I have cherished every moment and have been honored to serve the city of New Ulm. I consider this one of the greatest accomplishments in my life. I have also become a grandfather to 3 of my 4 wonderful loves in my time as mayor. That is a very big accomplishment of which I am also proud. I believe it is time to be the grandpa who can come to the school parties, read to the class, and attend sporting events rather than attending meetings and functions to support New Ulm as mayor.

Now, I encourage all citizens of New Ulm to consider running for mayor of this community. I hope my successor will share the same values and dedication I believe are important and will continue the honor, respect, compassion and professionalism that I aimed to bring every day I served. I, Robert Beussman, am resigning as mayor of New Ulm.

Robert Beussman

New Ulm


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