An election like no other

Today is election day, and like the rest of 2020, this has been an election season like no other. COVID-19 has affected not only who we might vote for but how we vote. A vast number of voters this year elected to vote in advance by mail to avoid crowds and potential infection at their polling places. How this will affect the vote counting tonight remains to be seen, but it is likely we will not know the final totals until a few days from now.

Legal challenges to mail-in voting deadlines or ballot drop-off points have rushed through the courts in the weeks before the election, and there may be more afterward.

It has been an election where both sides are predicting the destruction of liberty as we know it if the other side gets elected.

We tend to think Americans are more resilient than that. We have lived through world wars, the Great Depression and the threat of nuclear war during the Cold War. We think the nation will survive four years of whoever gets elected.

All we know is that the more people turn out to vote, the better chance America has of getting good representation and good government. Don’t leave it to others to decide for you.


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