Brown County Browser: Election update

The General Election is less than two weeks away and Brown County voters are making their voices heard! The Elections team at Brown County is working hard to ensure that every vote counts in the upcoming election. We need voters to take a little extra time with their voting materials and ensure that the ballot is signed and that an ID is provided for those voting absentee. If a voter does not provide the barcoded envelope with their voting information the ballot will not be accepted and we have no way of notifying the voter because we would not know who returned the ballot. So please take the time to review your envelope. We want all votes to count!

Voters who are dropping ballots into the drop box in the entry of the Law Enforcement Center are encouraged to drop their ballots into the appropriate bin.

If you are uncertain about the status of your ballot we encourage you to go to www.mnvotes.org to see that your ballot has been accepted. Allow at least two days for the system to be updated.

It should be noted that all voting equipment being used in the 2020 election has been thoroughly tested. The Public Accuracy test was held on October 20th and there were no errors detected. We can assure the voters in Brown County that all votes cast will be counted correctly.

We are encouraged by the number of voters who have already embraced VOTE FROM HOME. At this time 57% of the registered voters have made the decision to vote privately and safely at home. We are encouraged by the number of voters who are exercising their right to vote even in this challenging year.


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