Eagle Update: Planning for school in time of COVID-19

To say the start of the 2020-2021 school year has been unique would be an understatement. Throughout the entire summer, teachers and school officials have worked to develop multiple education plans that would serve the best interest of our students as well as meet the established health guidelines.

Plans continued to change and were modified as new executive orders or directives from the Department of Health were published. By the end of the summer, New Ulm High School staff designed a plan that has the greatest positive impact on our students’ education, while maximizing the students’ health and safety as well as their social and emotional being.

Students are in a block class schedule, attending half of their classes one day and the other half of their classes on the alternate day. They attend each class for 105 minutes rather than 55 minutes. This schedule decreases the contact time students have with other students, and the contact time teachers have with students each day. Students are asked to follow one-way pathways throughout the building when traveling between classes, and students are asked to wear masks at all time when in the building. These safety procedures are intended to minimize the risk to COVID exposures while in the building.

Students who chose the option of distance learning are required to participate in all of their classes every day, through live virtual connectivity. Teachers provide support to the families and students in the distance learning model as if they were in the classroom.

With four weeks of school completed, our students and staff have done amazing work. Students have taken on the challenges necessary to be successful in their classes, recognizing their education will ensure the greatest opportunity for success in their future. While meeting daily challenges, they continue to overcome adversity.

The beliefs and values of our parents, teachers and our community are a direct correlation to the success of our students. New Ulm High School staff will continue to challenge each student to perform up to their ability level. Please continue to support our students and the schools as we continue to educate your children throughout this pandemic.


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