Brown County Browser: Election Update

Voters who have requested absentee ballots should be finding them in their mail boxes this week. We hope that voters take the time to research the candidates and cast your ballot as soon as possible. It is recommended that ballots being returned by the USPS should be mailed by October 20th.

Voters can still request an absentee ballot and are encouraged to do so by October 2 to provide enough turnaround time.

Voters in our townships and small cities are scheduled to receive their ballots in early October.

We hear many questions about voting and today we would like to address: WHAT IF SOMEONE STEALS MY BALLOT?

Minnesota’s absentee ballot system allows a voter to track the progress of their ballot. If a ballot is listed as delivered, but doesn’t show up in your mail, or if it is for some reason listed as returned, but you were not the one who returned it, you can call our elections office and have a new one issued.

In the unlikely case that someone is in possession of a stolen ballot, they would find themselves unable to have it counted. For an absentee ballot to be accepted, it must include the identifying information (MN driver license or ID number, or Social Security number) of the voter who requested it.

Voting by mail is always free for the voter in Minnesota. Postage has been affixed to all return envelopes for your convenience. Recent news reports have contained accounts about changes in processes and management in the United States Postal Service, which have made some people voice concerns about the ability of the post office to handle a great increase in election mail during the run-up to November 3.

In Minnesota, we have a 46-day period before Election Day where absentee ballots may be returned. Early voting began on September 18. We continue to encourage voters to submit their ballots as soon as possible, both to give the postal service plenty of time to deliver, as well as reduce the stress of processing the ballots at the county elections office.

If you are not comfortable with the mail service we do have the secure drop box in the lobby of the law enforcement center that is always under camera surveillance.


The second half of the 2020 real estate tax on all non-agricultural parcels will be due on Oct. 15. While the Courthouse is open to the public, we encourage our taxpayers to return their payments by mail or in the drop box located in the parking lot off of Washington Street. Mailing your payment will help to keep both you, the taxpayer, and our team at the Courthouse safe. Your cooperation is most appreciated.


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