Brown County Browser: Absentee ballot applications sent

Absentee applications have been sent to all registered voters in New Ulm, Sleepy Eye and Springfield. The response has been overwhelming by our voters in choosing this method for voting in the 2020 elections. Please note that this is an option being offered to voters. At this time we anticipate that all precincts will be open in our three largest cities and Comfrey. All other voters in our small cities, and all townships will be voting by mail and no application is required.

There are many changes being incorporated in the Mn election process this year. Due to COVID-19 REGISTERED voters will not be required to have a witness signature on their ballot return envelope. Voters should notice the adjustments required on each of the envelopes and will be provided instructions with their ballot that outlines the entire process for voting and returning their voted ballot. Please read them carefully.

Election supplies were ordered well in advance of the virus outbreak so these manual changes to the documents were required.

We are hoping that voters who wish to vote absentee will have their applications submitted to our office by July 10th with the mass mailing of ballots to follow mid-July.

The State in conjunction with the CDC are currently outlining best practices to incorporate in our physical precincts to keep our election judges and voters safe. I will continue to share this information as it becomes available in the weeks ahead.


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