Brown County Browser: Vote at home

Vote at home empowers voters, letting them decide when, how and where they vote. They don’t have to take time off work, drive to a polling place or stand in long lines. Voters in Minnesota who opt to vote absentee choose how to cast their vote – by return mail or bringing it to a secure drop-off location.

The flexibility to vote the way you want equally serves everyone from seniors and disabled voters, who might have trouble getting to the polls, to a single parent working two jobs, a busy family, sick kids or someone with an unexpected business trip. In this year of a pandemic, this option is more important than ever in an effort to protect our poll workers, the voters and the staff who will administer this 2020 election.

Brown County will be launching an absentee ballot campaign to encourage our voters to take a minute to go online and request an absentee ballot at www.mnvotes.org, email the auditor@co.brown.mn.us or call our office at 507-233-6614. By applying for an absentee ballot, voters will automatically be sent a ballot directly to their home where they can vote safely and securely.

It is our goal, here at Brown County, to ensure that our voters do not have to choose between their health and the right to vote that so many fought to preserve.

Please make application TODAY so that our office can begin preparations for the 2020 election cycle. With one application, voters can request ballots for both the primary and general elections.


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