Town Talk: Census time

The 2020 Census is now well on its way!

By now, all of you should have received a post card from the Census Bureau asking you to complete the 2020 Census online. In fact, you may have received two of these postcards. Do not be confused by getting the second post card if you did indeed already complete your Census online; the Bureau likely sent out the second notice automatically.

The City of New Ulm Complete Counts Committee has received numerous phone calls with concerns from residents about having to fill out the Census online. Some people are not familiar navigating a computer, comfortable filling out this type of information on the computer or just plain do not have access to a computer. Do not worry, the Census Bureau will be sending you a third notice in early May – this notice will also contain a paper copy of the Census form for you to complete and mail back to the Census Bureau. If you do not want to complete the paper copy of the Census you can also call the Census Bureau to complete the survey at 1-844-330-2020.

As of right now, the City of New Ulm has a 63% response rate to completing the 2020 Census; nearly all of these responses have been online. Some of the highest responding communities in the state already have 80% of their community responding to the Census. Lets all work together to make sure New Ulm has the highest response rate possible – working to get to 100%!


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