What’s On Your Mind?

Beth Sletta of New Ulm: “I’m sending real old fashioned cards and letters to oodles of people! I encourage others to do the same.”
Tanya Rosine of New Ulm: “Playing Zelda Breath of the Wild in my pajamas.”
Jennie Backstrom of Turlock, CA: “I’ll be playing backgammon via WhatsApp video with my daughter, whose one of six left in her dorm in Malmö, Sweden.”
Tabitha Gilles of La Crosse, WI: “I have been doing school stuff, watching YouTube and I made cookies.”
Cody Jerry, Sheridan, WY: “I am building games inside our house, such as a carboard race track, to learn about math, physics and design.”
Corey Cleven of La Crescent: “I’ve been working out every day, spending time on my hobbies and studying material for my classes which will begin again on Monday.”

What are you doing during the COVID-19 shutdown? (Asked via Facebook)


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