What’s On Your Mind?

“I work with America Midwest Transportation and we sponsored last year, but no one jumped. This year I am jumping.” Victor Jones of New Ulm [jumped wearing a muumuu]
“I jumped last year and it is a good cause. I have friends on the Fire Department. The funds do go back to the community.” Kelly Wendler of New Ulm [Jumped dressed as happy little tree]
“My son and I work at Lamplighter and it is for a good cause. It brings the community together.” Becky Portner of New Ulm [jumped dressed as Baby Ruth candy bar]
“Just to raise money for a good cause. I did it last year. It is warmer this year.” Dan Sowers of New Ulm [Jumped dressed as bacon]
“Just came out to have fun and support the causes.” Lisa Helget of New Ulm [Jumped dressed as a loofah]
“For aliens.” Cameron Wieland of New Ulm [jumped as NASA astronaut]

Why did you take the Arctic Plunge? (Asked at The Lamplighter’s 2nd annual Arctic Plunge)


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