Eagle Update: Jefferson focuses on whole-child growth

At Jefferson Elementary School, we proudly serve approximately 600 students in first through fourth grade. Our student-centered environment focuses on whole-child growth. This means we care about each individual student’s growth academically as well as social-emotionally.

This year, we implemented new English Language Arts, commonly known as ELA, resources that support our students learning of our state standards. Students are engaged and excited about learning to read and reading to learn. “Superkids” is our resource for students in first and second grade. Superkids lays a strong foundation in beginning reading skills. “Read Side by Side” is our resource for students in third and fourth grade, supporting student learning through a variety of chapter books with a novel-based approach. Students use their reading skills to discover new content as well as learning to read for pleasure. Both of these resources provide a great framework in reading instruction for our staff and students.

At Jefferson, we value a well-rounded curriculum. This includes time our students spend in Music, STEM, Media, Phy Ed, and Art (called specialists). We increased the amount of time our students spend with our specialists. Students currently receive 80 minutes of specialist instruction daily. Our specialist staff include two with physical education, two in music, one in art, one with Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and one in media. Our superb staff regularly incorporate many other subjects into their lessons. It is common to hear lessons beginning with a book, see math facts incorporated flawlessly, and see sight words as main components of a lesson. We appreciate the value that the community has placed on including these focused areas in each student’s daily experience at Jefferson.

If you talk to a Jefferson student, they will tell you how Jefferson Eagle’s SOAR. This acronym stands for Self-Control, On-Task, Accountable, and Respect. These four traits are explicitly taught in every setting from the cafeteria to the bus. When students are acknowledged for demonstrating SOAR expectations, they receive an Eagle SOAR ticket with an explanation behind why they earned it. Students collect tickets and spend them at our Eagle SOAR Store. Students can purchase items like Jefferson water bottles, lunch with a staff member of their choice, or and all school shout-out. This system serves as one way we cultivate the social-emotional learning of each student.

We are proud of the wide variety of programs at Jefferson Elementary School, but we are most proud of the fantastic students and families that we serve.


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