What’s On Your Mind?

Steve Carlson of New Ulm: “Because I traveled a lot in a car as a kid and one of the things we did was stop at places and grab matchbooks.”
Kara Carlson of New Ulm: “Because I fell in love with a match collector.”
Mark Quilling of St. Paul: “Because my grandmother gave me a feature matchbook from Las Vegas.”
Dennis Hale of St. Paul: “In the Twin Cities there’s a collecting magazine. My wife said ‘look at this, you found your people.’”
Denise Alliegro of White Bear Lake: “My grandparent’s collection got me started.”
Ralph Maier of Eau Claire: “I had a friend that was into it. He was excited about it.”

What got you into match collecting? (Asked at the Great Lakes Match Club meeting at Turner Hall Sunday.)