Eagle Update: Eagle Enterprise adds to CTE courses

– Homecoming is a popular time of year in schools. Students participate in the dress-up days, many events are held throughout the week to build on our school spirit and encourage student participation, and the week typically ends with a dance after the football game. Students remember these events long after they graduate. Our thanks to the high school student council for planning a great homecoming week for all of our students.

— Eagles Enterprise is a school-run manufacturing business that began this school year at New Ulm High School (NUHS). Students are responsible for all aspects of the business such as marketing, accounting, invoicing, production, quality control and working with vendors and customers. High School staff work with the students to teach key business and industry concepts, provide hands-on training, work with our local businesses and then allow the students to run their business. This course is one of the many Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses offered at New Ulm High School.

We continue to work on our CTE programs to enhance what we offer and how to make them relevant to the workplace of today. We understand the need for a skilled workforce and we will continue to work with our business and industry partners to provide opportunities for our students — allowing the students to make career choices based on practical hands-on experiences.

While we have enhanced our CTE courses and opportunities for middle school and high school students, we continue to offer college preparation and college courses at the high school as well. We offer well over 40 college credits at NUHS — all with the intent for students to be prepared for four-year college rigor, and to earn college credits while still in high school.

— Our elementary and middle school students completed their fall assessments in September. These assessments help the teachers to design lessons that will enable all students to grow throughout the school year. Our teachers and administrators spent time on Oct. 7 reviewing the assessment results and put together plans of instruction for the weeks ahead. We constantly review the student information in order to make the best instructional decisions for each student.

Go Eagles!


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