What’s On Your Mind?

Ryan Harren of Mankato: “It was railroaded in as an amendment. It was done legally, but it was the work of one man Wayne Wheeler.”
Yvonne Weber of New Ulm: “It didn’t work.”
Kathleen Backer of New Ulm: “There were women making moonshine too.”
Terry Sveine of New Ulm: “The passage of the amendment was partially driven by the income tax law. ... The government needed taxes from beer.”
Judy Sellner of New Ulm: “There was a lot of Prohibition related activity that happened right here in New Ulm.”
Lynn Henle of New Ulm: “Vets and doctors would perscribed elixirs with alcohol. Capitalism was alive.”

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned about Prohibition? (Asked at the “Night at the Museum” fundraising gala on Saturday at the Brown County Historical Society.)