Health Care Happenings: NUMC growing, adding services

Greetings from the New Ulm Medical Center team! 2019 is shaping up to be a year of significant advancement for our regional health care model. Across the nation, decreased access to rural healthcare is forcing many into making the difficult choice of either travelling great distances, or forgoing needed services altogether. This has led to poorer health outcomes and a weakened rural economy. Thankfully, New Ulm Medical Center, a part of Allina Health, stands out as a thriving, innovative leader as we meet the needs of our surrounding communities.

While there is strong competition across the nation to recruit physicians to rural communities, in New Ulm, we are grateful to have added 17 new physicians and providers across 13 specialties since the start of 2018. Our competitive advantages in attracting exceptional talent include: a positive work culture (2019 Hospital Workplace of Year in MN); an unwavering commitment to safety, innovation, and growth (#1 Critical Access Hospital in U.S. for Value); a collaborative spirit that crosses real and perceived organizational and geographic boundaries; and the loyal support of the communities we serve. Because of these unique factors, we were able to expand access to the following specialties and services over the past year:

Dermatology – Dr. Susan Rudolph;

Emergency Medicine – Dr. Tom DiNardo;

Endocrinology – Dr. Nour Sabha;

Family Medicine – Dr. Emily Bastyr and Michelle Evans, Nurse Practitioner for Walk-in Clinic;

General Surgery – Dr. Corrine Jordan;

Internal Medicine – Raquel Roschenwimmer, Physician Assistant;

Neurology -Dr. Andy Reeves and Ken Bentson, Physician Assistant;

OB/GYN – Dr. Keary Johnson and Dr. Ashleigh Swearingen;

Oncology – Kitty Rader, Nurse Practitioner;

Orthopedic Surgery – Dr. Angie Honstad;

Pediatric – Dr. Obehi Okojie;

Podiatry – Dr. Grace Ouyang;

Psychiatry – Dr. Lauren Murphy and Kelly Jarcho, Nurse Practitioner.


In addition to these new members of our full-time team, we’ve also expanded partnerships with the Minneapolis Heart Institute on a Vascular clinic, with Minnesota Lung on a Pulmonology clinic, and with plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephanie Peng, as part of our comprehensive women’s breast center. A new MRI machine, recently added to our Radiology Department, will contribute to a better patient experience and enhance imaging capabilities — including breast MRI studies — starting this fall.

2019 also marked the 10 year anniversary of the Heart of New Ulm project. I want to share my gratitude for the New Ulm community and leaders from the city, county, schools, businesses, and other organizations that partnered with Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation and Allina Health to make health and well-being a key priority over the past decade. Over the 10-year period, we significantly reduced risk factors for cardiovascular and other diseases by providing education, improving our medical services and community environment, promoting healthy living, and building partnerships to leverage the collective assets of our entire city. Many leaders from across the nation continue to look to Heart of New Ulm for inspiration, and as a roadmap of how to pursue improving community health. Congratulations, New Ulm, for becoming a Destination Community for Health and Well-being!

On behalf of over 700 Allina Health employees and physicians across this region, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve and partner with you on your health.


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