What’s on your mind?

Jenny Meinzer of New Ulm: “I am 100 percent German.”
Brett Garczynski of Minneapolis: “Around 20 percent. I am part Polish and Norwegian on my mother’s side.”
Christa Kain of Owatonna: “I am 50 percent German and 50 percent Norwegian.”
Waco Vandal of Blooming Prairie: “I am 25 percent German, 50 percent French and 25 percent Norwegian.”
Kelly Wendinger Weber of Belle Plaine: “I will claim 100 percent German, but I can’t prove it.”
Tiffany Carpenter of New Ulm: “I am three-eighths German, a quarter Polish, one-eighth Irish and probably one-eighth Dutch.”

How German are you? (Asked at Bavarian Blast this weekend)