Eagle Update: District 88 is moving toward its goals

At the April 11 School Board Study Session, the board was provided information regarding our facility management, future technology plans and reviewed district goals and progress towards meeting them. Additionally, there was discussion around the number of snow days and options to consider based on what has already been made-up and what we can do before June 1.

Our facilities department has 20 staff members between building custodians, district maintenance personnel and grounds staff. All of them do great work keeping our facilities clean, safe and operating at peak efficiency. We use software programs to control and monitor our HVAC systems, allow for programming of our security systems and monitor utility consumption each month. We work hard to reduce energy consumption and wastefulness.

This is evident with our change to exterior LED lighting systems the past few years. We are developing plans to change the remaining interior lighting systems to LED over the next few years. We will replace some of our exterior entrance doors this summer due to wear and tear. These are doors that were not replaced during the remodeling process.

Next year, we will provide all students in grades 5-12 individual Chromebooks to use with their learning. This is most commonly called a 1:1 program (one device for one student). The program will allow our teachers and students to expand teaching and learning while keeping the focus on outcomes and student growth. Our belief about technology and going to a 1:1 program is below:

• This is about learning, not the device – transformation in lessons, teaching strategies and assessments are essential.

• Teachers will have the professional development and support in the classroom.

• We will work with our communities and parents in this process.

• Each building will develop student-centered outcomes for the use of technology.

• All students will have access to technology – appropriate to their learning level and program design.

• New Ulm Schools will ensure a proper balance of technology tools with other instructional tools and strategies.

Throughout the year, we spend time evaluating our district goals and the work plan that supports the goals. It is important that we maintain our focus on our priorities by periodically reviewing the work completed. Through this review process, the board is able to better understand the work each building and program is doing to support the goals. After the review, the work plan is adjusted for the next phase of time with associated tasks that support the district goals. This work allows us to stay on track with our vision and goals.

Go Eagles!


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