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Welcome to our CivicWeb Agenda Portal! The City of New Ulm supports 17 boards and commissions that include members appointed by the Mayor, except for the Airport Commission, whose members are appointed by the City Council. All members of boards and commissions are required to be residents of the city.

Laptop computers previously used in the Council Chambers were purchased refurbished in early 2010 to allow transition from paper packets to digital packets. This transition was successful in saving money and staff time. In 2017, due to wear and tear on the laptop devices, the City Council authorized staff to purchase tablet computers and agenda management software to be used in the City Hall Council Chambers. Over the course of several months, staff evaluated software, chose iCompass Technologies’ Meeting Manager solution, and spent several hours of training to tweak the software to meet our agenda process needs. Test agenda packets were prepared using iCompass in parallel to the digital packets for the first few City Council meetings to allow Councilors to adjust to the new format and to work out any issues prior to going live.

Beginning in 2019, the City of New Ulm transitioned their agenda process for all boards and commissions launching the City of New Ulm CivicWeb Agenda Portal! The agenda management software has enhanced the agenda packet creation process and meeting experience, improving transparency during public access. Agenda management software creates a more uniform agenda and allows more information to be accessible to officials and citizens. The new software has eliminated printing costs and staff time to produce the packets.

The CivicWeb Agenda Portal offers many features including the ability to view upcoming meetings, past meetings and review the interactive calendar, review meeting agendas and minutes within the Meeting tab, search the E-Resources page for a specific document or meeting agenda and subscribe to meetings that are important to you by signing up for E-Updates. Signing up is easy! All you need to do is access the portal directly at https://cityofnewulm.civicweb.net/Portal/ or, at the City website https://www.newulmmn.gov by going to the Meeting Calendar/CivicWeb Agenda Portal tab located on the left navigation menu. If you no longer want to receive e-update notifications for a specific meeting, simply select the unsubscribe link in the notification email.

We encourage you to explore and interact within our CivicWeb Agenda Portal!

Editor’s Note: The City of New Ulm presents a weekly column highlighting activities in different departments in the city government. Once a month the city will answer questions from readers. Questions on New Ulm city issues can be sent to comments@ci.new-ulm.mn.us.


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