Eagle Update: NU Learner

What is the NU Learner?

Next school year, New Ulm Schools will continue to implement innovative programs and initiatives that advance opportunities for all of our learners district-wide. This will include our district 1:1 technology initiative (students in grades 5-12 receive their own portable computer device) that will be coordinated with a personalized learning approach within our classrooms.

What is personalized learning you ask? Imagine a learning environment, where student engagements are centered around their interests and passions, and teachers are facilitating student learning through exploring those passions. The staff is using tools and resources, existing and new, to connect all students to deeper and authentic learning experiences, allowing for accelerated individual growth, increased engagement, accountability, and ownership for their learning. These are the traits that we hope will define the “NU Learner” in our schools.

To accomplish this goal, New Ulm Schools has established two new exciting partnerships to advanced personalized learning in our district and fuel our 1:1 initiative with meaningful integrations for all students and staff. The first partnership, Educational Elements, will provide all staff the opportunity to advance their learning in personalizing the classroom environment for all students. Throughout the school year, staff will learn and implement new strategies to facilitate and assess learning through student-centered programming that creates authentic learning experiences for all of our students. The second partnership gives us an opportunity to officially partner with Google for Education to use our technology resources in a personalized learning environment. New Ulm Schools will be one of fourteen schools nationwide to take part in this year-long pilot program with Google for Education. This new partnership, in coordination with our 1:1 initiative, will help power our learning experiences in the classroom.

It is truly an exciting time to be a part of New Ulm Schools! NU Partnerships, NU Programs, and NU Learners are coming together to fuel student passions, provide authentic learning experiences and engagements, and explore what is possible in our collaborative learning environment. We look forward to continuing to serve our district’s communities, learners, and professionals with meaningful “NU” opportunities!