Town Talk: PD to enforce junk, blight ordinance

The New Ulm Police Department will once again begin enforcing city ordinance 8.63. which deals with junk or blight related materials on public or private property.

Items considered junk include unlicensed, unregistered, or inoperable vehicles, trailers, or recreational vehicles, intact or partially intact household furnishings or appliances. The section also extends to pieces of building materials that are not part of a structure, sidewalk, driveway, or curb.

Officers on patrol observe most of the violations, but the department does get a few calls from citizens requesting enforcement of unsightly properties in their neighborhoods. Officers are assigned to certain areas of town, which does include every street within the city limits.

This past year, 80 letters were sent to property owners warning them of violations that were observed. In 2016, 197 letters were sent and in 2017, 223 letters were sent. The letter gives the property owner seven days to take care of the violation. If the violation is not taken care of, the owner is subject to a citation being issued. On average, only about 10% of the recipients of the letter do not comply with the request made in the warning letter. In these cases, a citation is mailed to the property owner.

Many residents of New Ulm take pride in living in a safe and clean community. Enforcement and compliance of this specific ordinance aides in this common goal.

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