Thumbs Up/Down

Oh, no! Snow!

THUMBS DOWN: We’re not sure what’s going to happen today with the weather, but the people who get paid to guess are saying Minnesota is going to get hammered with another winter storm. Wet, heavy snow is anticipated, maybe up to 8 inches by Sunday in this area.

The forecasts are bad enough to force a lot of cancellations, including the New Ulm Farm City Hub Club’s Farm Show today. You know it’s bad when the Hub Club has to cancel the final day of its annual extravaganza.

We hope this will be the final big blow of the year. People can’t take much more.

Hope they listened

THUMBS UP: There was a great turnout of people who went to testify or simply lend their presence at the House Transportation Finance Committee’s field hearing on Highway 14 funding in Mankato Friday. The room at Mankato City Hall was packed.

A lot of people presented a lot of good, unarguable reasons why the state should move ahead and fund this project. The economic impact and the safety issues make a one-two punch that can’t be denied.

We hope the legislators who were attending the hearing were listening carefully, and will take the message back to the State Capitol that this is a project that simply must be done.

Good luck on city manager search

THUMBS UP: The New Ulm City Council has narrowed its list of candidates for city manager down to five finalists who will be interviewed in the weeks to come.

It is one of the most important jobs the council will undertake. The city manager is the only hire that the council makes. The manager then oversees the operations of the city.

We hope the pool of applicants will yield a good match for New Ulm, which has had pretty good luck the last few decades with Dick Salvati and then Brian Gramentz.