Court Proceedings

Brown County

District Court

Adam Charles Leske, 25, 100 S. Minnesota St., New Ulm, was charged Friday with a felony count of making threats of violence, and with a gross misdemeanor count of interruption, interference, impeding or disrupting emergency telephone calls/communications.

In relation to the first charge, New Ulm Police responded to 302-1/2 S. Minnesota St., on June 25 after being advised by a caller that Leske was there consuming alcohol despite being on probation with conditions.

Police saw Leske at the residence before he escaped through a window. A caller called police back and told them that Leske had threatened over the phone to slit the complainant’s throat. The caller provided a written statement at the law enforcement center that Leske made the threat two or three times, and had also threatened to kill her two or three more times.

On the second count, New Ulm Police were called to New Ulm Mobile Village on June 29 on the report of an unwanted man at the residence of the person who had called police previously. The caller told police Leske had shown up uninvited, and was told several times to leave after a short visit but he refused and said he wanted his belongings back.

The caller said she called her mother and told the mother to call police. The woman said her mother told her to scream for help, so she began screaming. Leske then took her phone and threw it on the ground before he left on foot.

Leske denied grabbing the phone and said the caller invited him over with a phone call.

Police interviewed the mother about the phone call on June 30. She said she heard her daughter say tat Leske was there, that Leske had come over uninvited and would not let her call police. She asked the mother to call police about the disturbance, which she did.