Brown County board approves purchase of rain barrel

County to sell 55-gallon barrels at $85 each

NEW ULM — Brown County Commissioners unanimously approved the purchase of 30 Orbis Systern rain barrels Tuesday.

Brown County Planning & Zoning staff requested approval to buy rain barrels at $81.60 each from Orbis Corp. Approval came on a motion by motion by Commissioner Scott Windschitl, seconded by Dave Borchert.

The new rain barrels with a hose connection, will sell for $85 each, including tax. The 55-gallon, plastic rain barrels are advertised as a way to conserve municipal water and reduce house hold water bills. Free from chlorine and water treatment chemicals, rain water is considered an excellent water source for lawns, plants, and gardens.

The rain barrels include mosquito mesh to keep bugs and leaves out, an overflow hose that can be linked to another barrel or directed away from the house, a contoured spigot, made from recycled material and can easily accommodate existing downspouts.

The county sold more than 70 rain barrels since the program began in 2012 to reduce urban runoff and storm water impacts to surface and storm water.


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