Deaths outnumber births in Brown County

Vaccine rate falls slightly

BROWN COUNTY — Deaths have outnumbered births in Brown County in recent years, according to data from Brown County Public Health (BCPH) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).

There were 258 more deaths than births in Brown County from 2020 through 2023.

Brown County data showed 328 deaths in 2020 — 349 in 2021, 316 in 2022 and 292 in 2023 for a total of 1,285 deaths in four years.

There were 1,027 Brown County births over the period — 258 in 2020, 265 in 2021, 270 in 2022 and 234 in 2023, according to BCPH.

“We know here in Brown County we have an aging population and people are not having as many children as they used to. I think we’ll see that trend for a while, although it is fairly even,” said Brown County Public Health Director Jaimee Brand.

Renville also reported more deaths and births over four years. Other counties had more births than deaths over the period.

The MDH reported 1,257 Nicollet County births and 1,126 deaths in four years.

Redwood County had 709 births and 677 deaths over four years.

Renville County had 634 births and 726 deaths in four years.

Sibley County had 698 births and 553 deaths in four years.

Watonwan County had 685 births and 514 deaths over four years.

Brand said Brown County child vaccination rates have dropped slightly, to 78%, since the COVID-19 pandemic began 2020.

“We like to have at least 80% child vaccination rates. We need to bounce back. We’ll do what we can, providing more education,” said Brand.

“We have monthly social media posts on the Brown County Public Health Facebook page,” Brand added.

“We participate in a vaccine texting program through MDH that sends messages to families behind on vaccinations for children and adolescent,” she said.

Brand said BCPH have flu vaccine and other vaccines available for children and UUAV (uninsured and underinsured adult vaccination).

“We invite people to call us at 507-233-6820 to begin a screening and eligibility process for these vaccination programs,” Brand said.

For more information, visit www.co.brown.mn.us/public-health-home


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