Smells like wine: City loan sweetens deal for vino maker

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt Shipping issues have put the plans for Doppeleichen Vineyards’ move to downtown New Ulm up in the air, said owner Paul Neyers, seen here with the new equipment he has obtained so far, but the project has been solidified with a Commercial Property Rehab loan from the Economic Development Authority.

NEW ULM — Doppeleichen Vineyards owner Paul Neyers stands next to his de-stemming machine and among other wine production equipment he will soon be moving to a new location at 511 and 513 N. 3rd Street.

Along with other funding sources, Neyers is planning to operate at winery production and tasting space in downtown New Ulm.

In order to make room for the equipment, the properties on North 3rd Street will require significant rehabilitation. The current structures will be demolished and rebuilt to house the winery equipment.

No official start date for the project set. Neyers said like many other businesses, supply chain issues have left the project timeline in the air, but the project is moving forward.

Neyers said the construction of the new facility will immediately follow the demolition.

Neyers was recently approved for a $74,900 Commercial Property Rehab loan from the city’s Economic Development Authority to help complete this project. The EDA provides loans based on the size of the project. The maximum loan is 50% of project cost or up to $75,000. This was the second rehab loan approved by the EDA in 2022.

SpecSys also received a $74,900 Commercial Property Rehab loan from the EDA.


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