Parts in Mars rover created by Windings

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt Employees at Windings, Inc., manufacturer of stators and electric motor components, watched the Mars rover landing with special interest this week. They made some of the parts on the Perseverance rover that will be exploring the surface of Mars.

NEW ULM — Many different types of parts and products are manufactured in New Ulm and these parts are sent all over the world. In some cases, they are sent out of this world.

Thursday, the NASA Perseverance rover safely landed on Mars. Inside the rover are parts originally manufactured by Windings in New Ulm.

Windings have manufactured several items for NASA over the years. The parts built for Perseverance were not the first from Windings to end up in space.

The Windings webpage lists some of the space missions that have including components and assemblies produced by the company. The mission list includes space vehicles, satellites, Parker Solar Probe, Curiosity Mars Rover and Perseverance Rover.

The exact parts Windings manufactured for the Perseverance Rover are a secret, but Windings Director of Marketing David Hansen was able to share that Windings provided components for the rover’s robotic arm and coring turret drill.

Many of the projects Windings works on are classified. Even during the manufacturing process, the company does not necessarily know how the part will be used.

Hansen said in the case of the rover, Windings had a general idea of how their parts would be used.

When Perseverance landed on Mars, Hansen said many employees were watching live in anticipation.

The Perseverance Rover’s main task on Mars will be to seek signs of ancient life and collect samples of rock and regolith for a possible return to Earth.

Perseverance was launched July 30, 2020 and after six months landed at Jezero Crater of Mars. Hitching a ride on the Perseverance rover is a helicopter named Ingenuity. This will be the first aircraft to attempt a powered, controlled flight on another planet.

Hansen said Windings is absolutely excited about being part of this historic mission.


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