Up, up and away…

St. Paul’s kindergartener Natalie Martinez gives teacher Beth Wolf a social distance high-five as she walks the red carpet.

NEW ULM — The St. Paul’s Lutheran kindergarten class walked the red carpet Wednesday to commemorate moving up to first grade.

In past years, the ceremony was held inside the school with all the students, but COVID-19 forced kindergarten teachers Beth Wolf and Sarah Spike to get creative.

A red carpet was set up outside the building for the students to walk. At the end of the carpet was a hot-air-balloon basket to symbolize the student rise up to the next level.

“They are taking off to the first grade,” Wolf said.

Each student and family were scheduled in 15-minute increments. Families were able to take pictures of their kids on the carpet or in the basket.

Kindergarten teachers Sarah Spike (left) and Beth Wolf give a social distance high-five to commemorate the end of the year. It will not be just the students moving up to first grade. Next year, Spike will be a first and second-grade teacher at St. Paul’s.

This year 29 St. Paul’s kindergarteners moved on to first grade.


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