Charter school parade

Teachers and staff from Lafayette Charter School lined up for a parade celebrating Charter School Week. Students and their families drove by to support teachers from a safe distance.

LAFAYETTE — In celebration of Charter School Week the Lafayette Charter School staff hosted a parade in front of the school.

LCS teachers and staff stood in a line and families were invited to drive by. It was a way for teachers and students to see each other again after schools were shut down in March.

Vehicles were lined up for two blocks in front of the school. Dozens of families were eager to say hi to educators.

Around 82 students attend the pre-K through 8th-grade charter school.

“I will cry,” phy ed teacher Barb Wenninger said upon seeing the students. “They become part of the family and then you don’t see them for months and it breaks your heart.”

Many of the students and staff did not expect the school to be closed through the end of the year. The shutdown happened during spring break. It was a jarring experience for everyone involved. The parade was a way for those connected with the school to get closure on the 2019/2020 school year.


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