Orchard Hill residents enjoy a beer on Schell’s

NEW ULM — A group of Orchard Hill Assisted Living residents enjoyed a can of Schell’s new Cream Ale beer during their poker game Friday after a request from a 100-year-old resident was granted.

The resident who works out twice a day and gets lots of steps in, said he needed a beer to keep him going and sent a photo to August Schell Brewery recently.

Schell’s Vice President of Operations Kyle Marti saw the photo and request. Marti said he thought it was a great time to take care of the people who have been taking care of the brewery for the past 160 years. He brought a group of Orchard Hill men each a can of Schell’s latest offering, Cream Ale.

“We’re just trying to keep the residents safe here during the Coronavirus and have a little fun,” said Orchard Hill Executive Director of Residents Yvonne Schell, who is not related to the people who created the brewery.

Schell said Marti’s act of generosity brought smiles to the men who didn’t leave any beer left after their poker game.


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