Authorities seize 35 animals in Lamberton home

REDWOOD COUNTY — A 57-year-old Lamberton woman convicted of animal mistreatment for housing 35 animals in her home last summer.

Kimberly A. Robinson pleaded guilty to one of five misdemeanor charges of mistreating animals she was originally charged with on June 11, 2019. The other four counts were dismissed.

She was sentenced to one year of supervised probation in Redwood County District Court Feb. 3.

Robinson was fined $185 and sentenced to 30 days in jail, stayed for a year of probation. The conditions are that she not own any animals, except one companion animal, if recommended by a licensed psychologist or other mental health provider. Other conditions include that she maintain mental health appointments and allow law enforcement to inspect her house to ensure compliance with the one animal allowance.

According to court documents, Robinson was transported by ambulance to the Springfield Hospital on June 10, 2019, and placed on 72 hours hold due to several statements she made about herself and the animals that included 26 dogs, six chickens and three cats in her home.

Lamberton policeman Colby Davis tried to arrange for the care of the animals during Robinson’s hold, but was told by her that nobody could go into her home during the 72-hour hold.

Police got a search warrant and executed it at her home. Assisted by a Redwood Area Animal Shelter member and off-duty Humane Society worker, the animals were seized and observed to have been mistreated, neglected and treated cruelly.

Most of the dogs were kept in small cages or kennels with multiple animals inside. Most had no water or food left after being in the house alone for about 17 hours.

The animals were transported to the Redwood Area Animal Shelter. Several of the animals were diagnosed with untreated medical conditions including infections and hernias, had lost or poor teeth and skin conditions, and needed flea treatment.

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