Sleepy Eye City Council OKs $616K bond sale

SLEEPY EYE – The Sleepy Eye City Council unanimously approved a resolution awarding the sale of $616,000 in general obligation capital improvement bonds Tuesday

Action came on a motion by councilor Doug Pelzel, seconded by councilor Joann Schmidt for the bonds to replenish cash and help the City of Sleepy Eye get a more favorable bond rating next year.

Bonds bearing interest due Feb. 1, 2025 are 2% and 2.5% for those due Feb. 1, 2030. Elston said the interest rates averaging 2.37 percent are very favorable.

The city council unanimously approved:

* Councilor Nate Stevermer’s call for a first reading of a zoning variance application by Jeff Pelzel to build an existing garage addition that is 2 feet into the 4 foot required setback The building was built in about 1960 when there was no 4 foot setback. The addition west wall must line up with the existing wall.

* A 2016 John Deere 772G motor grader bid from RDO Equipment Co, N. Mankato, for $216,300, motion by Schmidt, seconded by Pelzel. Elston said the city’s existing 1983 motor grader will be sold on the state bid website.

* A public auction for tax forfeited property at 412 Maple St S.W, motion by councilor Gary Windschitl, seconded by Pelzel.

* 2020 Street & Utility and 12th Avenue N.E. crossing updates. Engineer Jordan Albrecht said the street and utility project will go to bid in February 2020. Mayor Wayne Pelzel said the project affects 55 city blocks.

* Larsen’s Furniture Gallery’s $11,767.76 city hall Mohawk carpet bid, motion by Pelzel, seconded by Windschitl.

* Police Chief Matt Andres’ report that a peddling ordinance amendment is coming to read that if there are peddling issues reported to police, licenses can be revoked.

* Mayor Wayne Pelzel read a city council meeting etiquette update that meetings must be kept businesslike by attendees:

* Raising hands to be recognized to address issues.

* Speaking to issues only, refraining from all personal attacks.

* Only using appropriate language, no foul language allowed.

* Intimidation is unacceptable. No threats are allowed.

* Do not attempt to dominate the floor.

* Refrain from outbursts.

* Failure to comply with appropriate etiquette may result in violators being asked to leave the meeting. Anyone asked to leave two meetings may not return to a meeting for one year.

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