Improv show to celebrate New Ulm with laughter

Jim Robinson of Table Salt Productions.

NEW ULM — Known for hosting weekend musical performances and showcasing local artists and cultural exhibits, the Grand Center for Arts and Culture is featuring a different kind of performance Saturday.

And it’s a laughing matter.

The Grand is hosting an all-improvised comedy show put on by Table Salt Productions, a Twin Cities-based theater and performance group.

Called “It’s All About You New Ulm,” the show contains a series of improvised scenes with the opportunity for the audience to provide suggestions or even participate.

Jim Robinson, one of the co-founders and performers in Table Salt, said he and other Table Salt performers recently visited New Ulm for a scouting trip to get a feel for the area. Much of the material in the show will center around New Ulm, and with the show being an improv performance, comedic material will be thought up on the spot.

“The whole idea is to celebrate New Ulm,” said Robinson regarding the improv show. “We don’t plan anything in advance.”

Robinson said the show won’t contain slanderous material targeting audience members. Rather, the performers will interact with the audience and may even invite them on stage to participate.

“We’re not going to make fun of anyone,” he said. “If you don’t want to be on stage you don’t have to be.”

Also performing in the show are Kelly Kohlbacher and Katy McEwen with an accordion performance by the group’s musical director and co-founder Dennis Curley.

Table Salt Productions, founded in 2009, is a theater and performance group that produces original plays, musicals, sketch comedies and storytelling pieces. According to Table Salt’s website, the group has nine seasons and 24 shows in the books. Over 180 local performers, technicians, designers and directors have collaborated with their productions in the Twin Cities area.

Tickets for “It’s All About You New Ulm” this Saturday are available at the NU Chamber, The Grand and online at eventbrite.com. Tickets are $8 for The Grand members and $12 for nonmembers.