Sibley County board OKs Arlington farmer’s permit application

GAYLORD — Sibley County Commissioners unanimously approved a conditional use permit for an Arlington man to establish a wildlife attraction business on property located on High Island Lake in New Auburn May 14.

Christian Lillienthal requested a permit for Wild Things Zoo Attractions told the board that opportunities for camping and other recreational activities will be provided to visitors in addition to wildlife he plans to provide.

He must secure a formal agreement to allow customers to use a minimum of 10 off-street parking stalls and provide it to the Sibley County Property Assessing and Zoning Department.

Erosion control measures will be implemented before and during construction of on-site buildings, structures and other ordinance-specific land disturbances.

Lillienthal said the project will be developed in phases based on increasing operational needs.

Adequate utilities, access roads, drainage and other necessary facilities have been or are being provided. Adequate measures have been or will be taken to prevent or control offensive odors, fumes, noise and vibration so they will not create a nuisance.

Lighted signs and other lights must be operated in a manner not to disturb neighboring properties.