Clinic closes

Emergency services open

NEW ULM — Blustering winds, frigid temperatures and the addition of more snow caused New Ulm Medical Center to close its clinic and cancel further appointments at noon Thursday.

Carisa Buegler, Director of Operations, said patients were having difficulty making it to the hospital because of road conditions.

“We were experiencing quite a few patients cancel their appointments because of the weather,” she said.

Buegler said part of the consideration to close on Thursday was also due to employees having trouble making it to the clinic because of poor road conditions. She said half of employees and physicians who work at the clinic live almost 50 miles away from New Ulm.

“So part of the reason we closed is because of a mix of both patients and staff,” she said. “Just because of out of the safety for both patients and staff.”

The hospital operates on an employee shift system with some staff’s shifts starting at 11 p.m. Travelling at night, especially during high winds and blowing snow, would endanger those having to work the night shift.

The walk-in clinic and pharmacy closed at 3 p.m. as well. The emergency department remained open, ready to respond to emergencies or accept patients.