U.S. Army Corps lists ice condition guidelines

ST. PAUL — Due to recent mild temperatures and the dynamic nature of moving water, the U.S. Army corps of Engineers reiterates that no ice is safe ice and conditions are changing daily.

For people planning winter outings of lakes and rivers, common practices to reduce risks include asking around locally about ice conditions, letting someone know your plan and bringing along/wearing appropriate safety equipment including ice picks and flotation gear.

Lakes and rivers are dynamic places with water currents, springs, water control structures, cattails, snow cover and many other factors affecting thickness. Some factors are hidden and hard to see.

Ice guidelines include four inches can hold a person, 5-7 inches can hold a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle (ATV), 8-12 inches can hold a car or small pickup and 12-15 inches can hold a medium-sized truck.

Standing or parking in a group will require more ice than was is recommended.