Law enforcement search for escapee

NEW ULM — A 48-year-old New Ulm man was charged with felony escape from custody in Brown County District Court Friday.

According to court documents, Michael E. Blomquist had an Order for Furlough dated April 18 indicating he was released on furlough beginning April 19 and ending on treatment completion including aftercare. The sole purpose of the furlough was for treatment.

Blomquist was admitted to the House of Hope halfway house on May 17 and successfully discharged on Aug. 17. Discharge plans were to stay with a friend for the weekend with plans to move into the LB Oasis, GRH (sober housing) facility owned by the House of Hope, 1401 3rd Avenue, Mankato. He was referred to continue care to attend once a week until required to enter prison. His first attendance should have been Aug. 22.

Blomquist’s whereabouts are unknown. He failed to show for an Aug. 28 appointment with House of Hope staff. He is not in sober housing and failed to show for continued care Aug. 30.

A Minnesota only arrest warrant that may be executed at any time of the day or night and on Sundays or legal holidays. Bail was set at $25,000. Release conditions are reserved pending court.