Ahrens set to move at end of June

Staff photo by Connor Cummiskey Ahrens President Veleda Cordes sits with the new office dog Tag, a short-haired collie.

NEW ULM — A new space does not mean a new way of doing business for a local HVAC installer that moves down the street soon.

Ahrens Heating & Air Conditioning is moving to 1618 S. Broadway. The deal closes at the end of June and they will be moved in by Aug. 1.

“It is like two, three, three-and-a-half blocks from here, other side of the street,” President Veleda Cordes said. “We will be in the lower portion of the building that has the workforce center.”

Ahrens has been in its current location since 1947. The company was not actively searching for a new location, but learned of an opportunity to own its new location.

“It has been a concept of whether or not we would buy this (current) building eventually or end up somewhere else,” Cordes said. “It just happened to come up, I was not really prepared to suddenly move but when a good thing comes up you got to go for it.”

Cordes considers owning the building a good investment for the future. Plus, the new space is roughly the same size as their current place when counting the out-buildings.

The new space does not have any out-buildings, which Cordes considers a good thing.

“Being all under one roof is a big thing,” Cordes said. “No longer having to go out to out-buildings, having it all in one space, that is probably a huge thing for us.”

Customers will not see much difference in how business is run. Most of Ahrens work is done via phones and vehicles.

“We have a few customers who will come in for things, or will come in to pay a bill but, most of our customers – we are going out to them,” Cordes said.

For those who come into the office, they can also meet the new office dog. Cordes is training a short-haired collie named Tag to greet customers.

Ahrens installs and services HVAC systems for heating, cooling and ventilation. The company also cleans ducts and performs radon mitigation.

Its service area includes Mankato and New Ulm, as well as all the smaller towns in between and surrounding the two cities.

To contact Ahrens go to ahrensheating.com or call their New Ulm number (507) 354-2217.